Song Bo?

You Don’t Have To be Rich, You just need 2 $2 Bills.

Song Bo? : A Hokkien term in Singapore which translates literally to “Feeling good?”.

And that is not a question but an affirmation from us that at 4FUN, your dose of FUN cost no more than 2 $2 bills. So what got us so LIT exactly?

Apart from offering KickAss experiences on 4FUN, we've also evaded the high cost of conformity. Are we non-conformists? Certainly not towards the positive aspects of human social norms. However when it comes to the typical personal finance norms, we ask questions.

Who puts the price on a piece of rock?

"A diamond is forever." What is the rationale behind this saying?

Saving lives or kicking balls, which should pay more?

How's the price of $25 a pop for a yoga class determined?

Or a hundred over dollars in gym membership each month?

Does an expensive wine taste better?

Ponder for a moment just how ingrained it is for most of us, most of the time: 

  • We conform to friendship, family, romantic, and other relationship standards.
  • We conform to wearing whatever the current approved hairstyle and clothing for our gender, age, race, profession and event is.
  • We conform to the social exchanges and behaviors surrounding momentous occasions (weddings, holidays, birthdays, graduations, etc,)
  • We conform to the diet and workout routines of the year.
  • We conform to believing a private hospital is better than a less expensive state hospital.

It has long been known that consumers' beliefs and expectations influence their judgment of products and services. Wine drinkers experienced more pleasure when sipping a vintage they believed was more expensive where despite the apparent difference in price, the wines were identical. And all of these because,
"Advertising, if done well, can give rise to the best placebo effect."

At 4FUN, things are kept simple but FUN, with no obligations or judgements. We believe in the power of the $2 bill, and want to spread the most awesome of life hacks far and wide. Everything at $4, where no single experience 'taste better' than the other.