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  • Date: 1/11/2020 01:00 PM
  • Location: North Bridge Road, Parkview Square, Singapore (Map)
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" This is an initiative by SPY@4FUN. For every sign-up to the TLC Creative Program, 4FUN will Match Gift an at-risk youth and their parent with an admission ticket to the same program.

SPY aims at equalizing the playing field between those who were born into opportunity and those who were not, and offers the groundwork for at-risk youths to develop into mature, responsible members of the community one estimable act at a time

About Creative English TLC

The primary purpose of language is communication - grammar is important, but there's a bigger picture. Language is no longer seen as being learnt through mechanical exercises. It is developed through students interacting and engaging and the ability to speak fluently translates to the capacity to write.
So, it’s important that your child are exposed  to an environment where good language is used and expressed freely.

Face-to-face communications are becoming extinct. Thanks to the ever growing popularity of WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and other electronic media. However, e-communication skills seldom help to pass a job interview, negotiate a business deal, or get to know a life partner better. Communication skills are invaluable. They make a good impression, and reflect one's aptitude. More importantly, it discovers, nurtures and develops something that cannot be merely ‘learned’ – confidence. 

What then does it take to be a good communicator?

At TLC: The Little Communicator, we believe that communication must be bi-directional to be effective and it is through communication that everything and anything gets accomplished. 

Speak Well, Listen Better.

An ideal conversation is much like playing a game of tennis, where there is equal opportunity for give and take, speaking and listening. It is an exchange of ideas and information. 

While your child will learn to communicate her thoughts, build up his vocabulary and become more articulate, we will focus also on improving their listening for the structural features of the English language so that they can put their ideas and words together in better ways.
In this respect, we look at building a strong foundation for the skills required to speak publicly and present effectively, the skills that raise self esteem and give them self-assurance — key qualities for succeeding at most things in life!