Exposed: The Twisted MInd of Boris Kunsevitsky

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  • Date: 12/19/2019 07:30 PM
  • Location: 9 Raffles Place, Singapore (Map)
  • More Info: (Exact address will be provided after booking)


In 2019, Singapore-based Australian Boris Kunsevitsky was finally revealed as the paedophilic monster we now know him as. For over 15 years, how did he evade capture for so long? Could he have been caught by the authorities sooner? 
In this unrestricted talk, meet SG's leading psychologist, Dr. Glenn Graves as we explore the twisted mind of Boris Kunevitsky and look into one of the most controversial cases of our time.

Learn about Paedophilia – explore the common symptoms of the condition, and how a typical paedophile behaves. How do you spot a paedophile? Do you know any? What are the tell-tale signs which give them away?

Paedophilic behaviours – how early do the signs emerge? Is the attraction towards children always a reliable indicator of a paedophile? What are the causes of paedophilia?

Glenn will also explore the neuroscience behind the condition, including how the paedophilic brain functions.

Are You a Paedophile? Take a screener on the night for fun!