❶ Sign Up & Support Our Cause

❶ Sign Up & Support Our Cause

Better FUN Initiative :  FUN  x  LOVE  x  GIVE

Sign up with us to join the most outstanding community, the Uber of unique experiences and events, and Support Our Cause in helping single parents and the youth at risk in Singapore! 

With no annual contract and at just S$4 per month, your support each month helps us keep this platform going to continue to provide jobs and education opportunities for these single parents and disadvantaged youths.

And because our moral drive is represented by the same circle of giving, we're paying it forward, back to all who support our cause with the 4FUN online marketplace where everything cost just $4 for you.

Welcome to the Better FUN Initiative, where you have FUN at almost no cost, do what you LOVE and GIVE something back all within the same initiative.

YES! We're so confident that you'll love us, we don't require a long term commitment at all!

Get FUN now!