How can I find new events and experiences?

Our hosts add new events and experiences all the time. We have simplify them down to just 6 categories filled with one-of-a-kind & the most KickAss experiences. Browse through the categories that are appropriate for you or simply use the search filter on the home page. In a few seconds you’ll find a whole new world of experiences open to you.

Can I ask questions about the experiences before I buy tickets?

Of course! Simply chat us up on our LiveChat help desk and our agents taking charge of the experiences from their respective categories will answer all your queries. Alternatively, send your questions to us at team@4fun.sg.

Do you check the quality of the experiences?

Yes, every experience is checked by the 4FUN team before it’s added to the site. We check the content and personally connect with each host to ensure that every experience meets our quality expectations. We also recommend that you read the information provided on the 4FUN site to make sure that the experience is what you’re looking for.

Why do I need to sign up as a member?

You can browse the site and find great experiences even if you’re not a member but you'll need a 4FUN account ID to secure your place on an experience. This ensures a host knows who to expect at their event.
Also, as a social enterprise advocating on behalf of single parents and youth at risk in Singapore, the $4 ticket price on our online marketplace is exclusive to our supporters and members who support our cause in helping our beneficiaries. 

How do I find out where an experience is taking place?

On each experience page, the location of that experience is included in the information provided. Additionally, after you book the tickets you will receive a confirmation email that includes the exact address, the number of tickets you reserved and the total price along with the contact information (including phone number) of the host.

What happens if the experience is cancelled by a host?

Attendees shall be notified as soon as possible via email and/or phone in the unlikely event that an experience is cancelled by a host for whatever reason including but not limited to bad weather.
The full amount paid for the experience will be refunded to you if a host cancels an experience for whatever reasons except in an event of a bad weather, which will be duly investigated and verified by the 4FUN team.
If an experience is cancelled due to bad weather, your ticket will be valid for a new alternate date.

What's the bad weather policy for experiences?

An experience is subject to prevailing weather conditions when held in the outdoors. Specifically, rain will not prohibit the experience from taking place unless weather conditions present a danger at the experience site at time of experience, where only then are hosts permitted to cancel an experience. Attendees accept that in purchasing a ticket for an outdoor experience, they are paying for an experience taking place at a single specific venue, and that weather conditions prior to the time of experience and in other parts of Singapore will not result in the experience being cancelled.
Attendees accept the risk that weather they consider unsatisfactory may occur on day of experience, and acknowledge that tickets will not be valid for a new alternate date unless an experience is cancelled by a host due to dangerous weather conditions close to time of experience. A host reserves the exclusive right to cancel or postpone the class in dangerous weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, which will be duly investigated and verified by the 4FUN team. Your ticket will then be valid for a new alternate date.
If a class has commenced and has to be called off due to bad weather conditions, it is at the host's full discretion to conduct a makeup session, or not. Attendees may also choose, at their own discretion, to end the class and forfeit the time lost. 

What is your cancellation policy?

4FUN will only automatically refund tickets if an experience is cancelled by a host for whatever reasons except in the event of bad weather. Remember, you can always reallocate your ticket to a different person - so if you don't want to go for whatever reasons, you can always pass on your ticket to someone else so long as the person is a registered user of 4FUN. You are also required to notify our team at 4FUN for us to process the transfer of ticket.

Are my credit card details safe?

Yes - we take security very seriously! Keeping personal data safe is our first priority mission. For all credit and debit card ticket purchases, 4FUN has taken extra care to ensure your financial information is secure and protected. We use the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to ensure the communication that occurs during the purchase process is safe and secure. For extra security, 4FUN never stores your credit card information.

Who can host an experience on 4FUN?

We have just one simple goal - to enrich people's social life with fun, intimate and personal experiences, hosted by PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CARE, where boredom and routine do not feature on the agenda.
People Who Actually Care:
The focus is on being transformational, not transactional.
If you're planning on charging our attendees $50 each for them to come to your place and watch you make a cake, please do not come onboard. If you're planning on charging our attendees $80 each for them to stand around in slow motion convulsions while drawing circles with their arms, please do not come onboard. The DNA of 4FUN is community based and not built for tourist purposes. Tourists are always welcome at your events but the content and environment has to be authentic, with no rip-off STRICTLY.
Here at 4FUN, we want to fight unprincipled markup from merchants targeted at tourists, foreigners and even the locals. Once we allow merchants to call the price at their discretion, it's harder to control what comes into the 4FUN ecosystem. Hence, we made the conscious decision to keep the base ticket price of all experiences at $4, while leaving the choice of getting the 'add-ons' at the full discretion of the customers. If you think $4 deserves nothing exceptional, do look up the experiences on 4FUN listed by our hosts and then think again. And yes, they do make decent passive income from being transformational, not transactional.
All this being said, we value our status, our customers, our hosts and will always work on ways to ensure users have a consistent and high-quality experience on our platform.

If all of the above-mentioned resonates well with you, kindly submit your experience content to us at team@4fun.sg for our review. Thank you.