Dissecting the Sick Mind of Nicholas Lim

Warning: Triggering Content

 All are equal, but some are more equal than others. I am Nicholas Lim Jun Kai and I am more equal than others because I am a privileged, straight Chinese male with Powerful, Well-connected parents who schooled me in the World's Top 12 University.

 While the same crime warrants a deterrent jail sentence for others (
Section 509 Penal code), I received a 12-months probationary period because heaven forbid, my future could get ruined. I mean I know Monica's future is tarnished too because of my actions but hey, if she didn't blow the flames, all would be good & dandy.

 A big thank you to my powerful Mommy & Daddy, and my World's Top 12 University for shielding me (
and some of my other bros) from the clutches of the law. They should have the final say, not the victims, and certainly not you.
#hatersgonnahate #onlygodcanjudgeme #irony

With Lots of Love (#LOL),
Your Privileged Campus Voyeur

P.S. Twelve is now officially my favourite number. Top 12 University, 12 months’ probation, my parents and the authorities think I am 12 years old! 

Women do not ask for, cause, invite, or deserve to be sexually harassed or insulted. Women sometimes exercise poor judgement about safety behaviour, but that does not make them responsible for the insult or harassment. Perpetrators are responsible for their invasive misconduct and their misuse of technology and accessibility to overpower, manipulate, and insult the modesty of another human being.

At 4FUN, we stand with Ms. Monica Baey.

Despite the strong urge to locate the privileged perpetrator and have him cut open and examined, we decided instead to speak with Ms Camellia Wong, a forensic psychologist such that we can dissect and poke into the sick mind of Nicholas Lim with the much needed professionalism.

“Whatever a woman's decision in a given outrage-of-modesty situation, whatever action she does or does not take, she is not at fault. A woman's decision to step forward and speak out in the best way she can must be respected. Bringing the matter to light should not be used as judgement against a victim," says Ms Camellia.

She has also agreed to our request of addressing a topic which has long-known to be swept under the carpet in our beautifully-painted 'hush-hush' sanitised city-state, home to one of the world’s top 12 universities.

To the 'powerful' parents and the 'world-class' institutions who breed and house these privileged degenerates, we are glad to announce that despite your dumb attempt at parenting and the pathetic administration of your campus disciplinary framework, there is now hope for your 'forever-12-years-old' failed products. This intellectual talk is put in place to help keep your privilege in check, for them to explore the available treatment options rather than having you stand up for them in this means to no end.

Voyeurism: The Mind of the Sexual Predator by SG Underground @ 4FUN is dedicated to all women, fathers, brothers and former victims of sexual harassment. We shall take a closer look into the triggers, motivations of the different voyeuristic acts and what each means for their victims, explore and determined what can be done to protect yourself when it happens to you or someone close to you. 

What planning and preparation takes place, leading to the execution of the abhorrent sexual misconduct itself? What are the different voyeurism types, different motives and different geographic locations?

Are voyeurs, born or nurtured, are they mad, bad or sad? Judge for yourself here.