We have just one simple goal - to enrich people's social life with fun, intimate and personal experiences through our Better FUN Initiative, hosted by People Who Actually Care, where boredom and routine do not feature on the agenda.

Better FUN Initiative:
Our Better FUN Initiative  was created on the focus of being transformational instead of transactional, to provide authentic contents in a STRICT no rip-off environment and hosted by people who actually care.
This initiative delivers the result that is good for everyone who is involved. Members get to have fun, do what they love at close to no cost ($4), and give something back all within a single act. Hosts get to earn a side income while practicing the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, taking responsibility for their organisations' effects on the environmental and social well-being, and create awareness for their brands and services at the same time.

Through this initiative, our single-parents beneficiaries are provided with jobs opportunities both within and outside our organisation. Our youths-at-risk beneficiaries are provided with free education opportunities through our educators and literacy coaches who host enrichment classes and workshops on 4FUN. Our mission is to ensure that every child has a safe, hate-free environment to actualize their own deepest potentials on an equal playing field between those who were born into opportunity and those who were not.

Through your support, we look forward to help these parents and youths develop into well-rounded individuals who contribute to the welfare and well-being of their family, their community and their country.

People Who Actually Care:
The focus is on being transformational, not transactional.

Here at 4FUN, you don't pay $50 to go watch someone make a cake at their place or $80 to stand around in slow motion convulsion while drawing circles with your arms.
The DNA of 4FUN is community based and not built for tourist purposes. Tourists are always welcome to participate in the experiences and we are more than glad to provide authentic contents in a STRICT no rip-off environment.

We want to fight unprincipled markup from merchants targeted at tourists, foreigners and even the locals. Once we allow merchants to call the price at their discretion, it's harder to control what comes into the 4FUN ecosystem. Hence, we made the conscious decision to keep the base ticket price of all experiences at $4 for our members, while leaving the choice of getting the 'add-ons' at the full discretion of the customers.
So here it is, go ahead and grab your best dose of FUN and get yourself LIT for just $4 at our online marketplace of events, the UBER of unique experiences.

With each experience you do, you'll earn loyalty stars towards Play credits for even more incredible experiences, the possibilities really are endless with 4FUN...

And the best part?

We have an Ultimate Rip-off program where anyone could attend unlimited FREE events all-year-round, while bringing your crew along to Play-4-Free too. Now, that's how FUN should be defined.

Rip Us Off now!

We value our status, our customers, our hosts and will always work on ways to ensure users have a consistent and high-quality experience on our platform.

Everything at $4, Everything KickAss, No Room for ordinary activities.