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What's Hot

We don't mean to toot our horns but... we do feel we're a great judge of character! Check out the hottest 4FUN events now, and find the best things to do in Singapore.

Silent Yoga

We advocate greater tranquillity in the outdoors. But we also preach 'Silence is Golden'. SILENCE and OUTDOORS, not a match made in heaven, but they’ve made it down the aisle! Come witness the GOLDEN marriage between the 2 in this fully immersive Silent Yoga experience where we eliminate any external distractions, delivering only the music and instructor’s voice through your earphones.

Fitness & Lifestyle

Strengthen your body & release your mind! Here are the best Fitness, Sports & Games, Martial Arts, Yoga & Holistic classes taking place right now in Singapore. Follow our latest Silent Disco Fitness Fusion for your all-time-favourite Silent Yoga, Silent Run & Silent Zumba events.

Pop Up Silent Cinema

From movies by the beach to rooftop cinema parties, these immersive screenings shall bring sexy back from the good ol' days, be it at hip cafes/bars or big screens from under the stars. With our smart SILENT audio technology, you can now be fully immersed in the film with no disturbance from the outside world. Now that’s cinema.

Food & Drinks, Music & Meetups, Frens & Freedom.

The city can sometimes be a lonely place, but don't fret! Let your hair down and take a peek at our best pick of Aurorawoke Morning Rave, BYOB Social Clubs, Supper Clubs, Food/Wine Tasting, Fun in The Sun or Alternative Nights Out. Being the first & only BYOB platform in Singapore (Bring your own beer/bottle), 4FUN bring you these unique experiences without breaking the bank where meeting new people just got a whole lot more FUN.

SG Underground / 4FUN Talks : Stay Curious

4FUN Talks are here to expand your world view in little ways, pulling together an impressive array of intellectuals, bright thinkers and incredible individuals to inspire your evenings and feed your curiosity. Think TEDx-like talks, affordable & acessible, happening right here in Singapore. More taboo contents for the thrill-seekers? Enters SG Underground, a critically acclaimed category, offering an insider's view at the outside of our beautifully-painted 'hush-hush' sanitised city-state. Uncover the hidden ecosystem beneath the veneer of legitimacy in the scam, sex and entertainment industry. Experience & witness first hand, the most controversial topics from sham marriages to match fixing and shady property developments with real life casts of former victims, outlaws and law enforcers. Join our revolutionary conferences, clever SILENT headphones, game-changing talks & entertainments today!

Single Parents and Youths (SPY@4FUN)

Our Vision & Mission

4FUN is a social enterprise passionately committed to evaluate and address the most pressing issues that single parent families face in today’s complex society. Hence SPY, an initiative created for the single parents and youth at risks to bring to light, the message of inclusivity, diversity and hope. Through your support, we look forward to help these parents and youths develop into well-rounded individuals who contribute to the welfare and well-being of their family, their community and their country. Our mission is to ensure that every child has a safe, hate-free environment to actualize their own deepest potentials on an equal playing field between those who were born into opportunity and those who were not. ♥ CHANGE LIVES TODAY ♥ : Check out your favourite 4FUN experiences under the SPY initiative and part-take in them to support our cause.

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